Giancarlo Stanton extends his tear at home with slam in the ninth game

Giancarlo Stanton extends his tear at home with slam in the ninth game

San Diego – All-star player Giancarlo Stanton may have finally made himself the darling of New York Yankees fans by having a post-season signing moment.

Stanton rose to his previous pedigree in the National Best-In-League on Monday, achieving his first major post-season title in his career in the Yankees’ 9-3 win over Tampa Bay Rays in the first game of the MLS series.

That was big, Stanton said, “to see what we did. It was huge.” “That was really cool. I can’t deny it. The place where you helped put the team on, I don’t want to take your foot off the gas.” [two] Compared to six big difference. “

There is no doubt that the 27-time World Series champions, the winning franchise of baseball, is a club created for the post-season. Expectations are huge for wearing pruners in October.

In the ninth game at home, Stanton made him the first Yankees player to appoint him to win the Grand Slam in the post-season match, and the hard-hitting leftist made Homer the third Yankee in the club’s first three post-season matches, and he joined Aaron Judge in 2018. Hank Power 1958 year.

The Yankees became the first team in AL history to hit the Grand Slam in consecutive post-season matches. Third baseman Geo Urchila hit a member of the HR team with the rules loaded in the second game of the Yankees’ brutal card holders on the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees scored 11 at home in their first three post-season play-offs, a new league record.

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“They can hit. There’s no secret about that,” Rice’s director Kevin Cash said of the Yankees’ attack on power. “It wasn’t something unexpected with them. They got back some healthy players. There were a few players who didn’t have a steady cast against us or throughout the 60-game season due to injury reasons. They looked so healthy tonight.”

There is no doubt that Stanton’s career in striped lines has been marred by injuries and frustration, which has made him a persona non grata to the Yankees since he was acquired by the Miami Marlins before the 2018 season. He limited himself to 18 games last season due to countless injuries, and played In 23 of the 60 games in the regular season this year he cut short an epidemic while suffering from leg injuries.

However, Stanton appears to have recovered a stroke in post-season, as he went 2-for-7 with two HRs on the Wild Card Tour.

“He just struggled because he wasn’t healthy,” said Aaron Boone, director of the Yankees. “I feel comfortable with him. That’s what she filmed last year. I felt like he was in such a good place [when he came off the IL at end of the season]And now he’s carrying it in the post season. He is a dangerous hitter in the middle of the lineup. When he controls the area of ​​attack, he is as deadly as everyone else. “

Before starting ALDS, Stanton talked about not just showing things on paper, but “be there and do it.” And he did so, achieving his eighth major tournament in his career and the first since September 20, 2018, against the Boston Red Sox.

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“I grew up about an hour and a half, two hours away, so I usually have my family here and my friends, so that’s always a good push,” said a Southern California native, Yankees player most familiar with Petco Park. He has eight seasons in NL. “And this is the first game my parents got to participate in, so that was huge. My father definitely doesn’t miss more than a month [of the season] At one time, not to mention … we’re in October now. “

In 19 career matches at Petco Park, where he won the 2016 Home Run Derby, Stanton scored .323 with eight hours and 1.190 OPS.

When asked about his painting success so far this postseason, Stanton said he doesn’t think he has achieved anything yet.

That was a big time, Stanton said. “It was definitely really needed today, but I don’t really look at it that way.” “I haven’t done anything. We have more to do tomorrow and the next day, so I’m enjoying this a little bit; but at the same time, we have work to do.”

Boone agreed.

“It’s one game. We have to win three,” the coach added. “We know [the Rays are] Great team and great discount. We know we have to do our best to beat them. We have to win two more, and that will be a challenge. “

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