Gerrit (96) loses the precious painting at Overvecht Nord: all help needed | Utrecht

Gerrit (96) loses the precious painting at Overvecht Nord: all help needed |  Utrecht

Sad story on social media. There, Gerrit van Westen (96) reported that he lost a bag containing a precious painted photograph in Utrecht yesterday. Perhaps he lost it in the parking lot at Dommeringdreef 60 or Euterpedreef towards Jumbo.

Van Westen urgently looks for a plastic bag, because its contents have a history. “Picture my now-deceased grandson,” says Gerrit. “He went under the influence. My granddaughter, who is her son, asked me if I wanted to paint a picture of him based on a picture. Of course I wanted to, but it took some effort. I used to be able to do it very easily, but I’m 96 and my jobs deteriorate.”

inexplicable way

After many attempts Gerrit succeeded. The image is finished. It just had to be shipped. Request a folder via where the board can be placed. The map can be picked up next to Jumbo on Euterpedreef.

I went there yesterday afternoon with my motorbike and eventually made a turn. Then I noticed that the bag containing the watercolor had disappeared between my feet. I drove the part with friends, neighbors, and family a dozen times and looked under the cars, but we couldn’t find them.”

Van Westen immediately informed his granddaughter in Australia. “Gerrett,” she said, “Stop looking now.” You are 96. This can happen and affect you, too.

Albert Heine bag

The bag also contained Gerrit’s own return address and a delivery address in Australia. If anyone finds the bag or knows anything they can call Gerrit van Westen, Dommeringdreef 148, phone number 06-10182128. Attached to the Albert Heijn bag containing the painted image.

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