“Genius dogs” remember the names of more than a hundred toys

"Genius dogs" remember the names of more than a hundred toys

The six “genius dogs” were chosen by scientists to learn more about canine brains. To qualify, they had to remember the names of 28 games.


The British newspaper The Guardian reported that the choice ultimately fell on Max (Hungary), Gaya (Brazil), Nalani (Netherlands), Squal (US), Whiskey (Norway) and Rico (Spain).

The dogs were not only trained to remember more names, but they also competed in online events called the Genius Dog Challenge.

“These special dogs can learn toy names in a very fast way,” researcher Claudia Vogaza at Budapest University told the newspaper.

Dog owners were asked to teach the animals six and then twelve games per week. “This turns out to be not a challenge for most animals,” Fujaza says.

Learning speed for young children

Border Collies easily learn 11 to 12 new names per week. “This is similar to the learning speed of young children who are just beginning to form vocabulary,” Fujaza explains. “These talented dogs help us understand how other species understand human language.”

The researchers wrote that dogs still remembered the names of the toys after a month and a half.

other races

Although only the collider was selected for this study, the researchers also identified other strains of similar thought. For example, German and Australian Shepherds were eligible, as was the Pekingese small dog breed.

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