Gboard: A Google keyboard app that replaces text with emojis – does a picture say more than a thousand words? (screenshots)

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Google keyboard app Gboard It has been focusing on multimedia content for a long time and has been constantly adding new features for both stickers and emojis. Inserting stickers has only become easier recently, and with a new feature, emojis are taking things to the extreme: texts can be automatically annotated or even replaced entirely.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. There is certainly some truth to this saying, but should this also be a logo for a keyboard app? Gboard team says: Yes!. At least one user has seen a new button appear in their autocomplete bar these days that has a Magic icon and works the same way. With a single click, the text already entered is automatically completed with emojis.

gboard magic emoji

Of course, emojis are associated with text, as you can see in the example above. Seven emojis in two words might be a good thing, but you can delete them again. Instead of searching for the right emoji, you can delete the inappropriate ones – this is definitely faster. But it is also interesting that this button not only highlights individual words with emojis, but can also completely replace them.

The description says “Click the emojify key to add emoji within a sentence or replace all text with emoji”. Sounds exciting, but it’s definitely not for every user. Everyone in their contacts probably has more emojis than words to communicate and lets start a great guessing game. There could be more soon…

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