Fuchsia: Google’s Plan B probably won’t be needed – not a word about the new OS in 2022 either


The Google I/O Developer Conference is over and there are many announcements and new products that will play an important role in the Google world in the coming months and years. Once again, there was a notable announcement that wasn’t mentioned at all and didn’t seem to have a place either: the new OS reddish It completely fell under the table.

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I already predicted it here on the blog a few days before the I/O conference and this time the chance to be right was pretty high: Google didn’t announce Fuchsia. The developer conference is probably the only significant date in the year of Google where you can talk about the new operating system. If not on the big stage, then at least in the many developer sessions. But nothing, the fuchsias were silenced again.

Instead of mentioning the operating system, which is currently only used on a single smart screen model, the future of smart displays was clearly related to Android. Android, Google Assistant and the services that run on it, and nothing else. There is no place for fuchsia. Not on smart displays, smartwatches, upcoming augmented reality glasses, and certainly not smartphones or even Chromebooks.

One might assume that a company like Google has a Plan B and Plan C of important core areas that must be prepared and maintained accordingly. Fuchsia can be a plan B, which you just have to pull out in case of failure or an unexpected development. With its universal applicability, Fuchsia can be the plan B for many platforms and devices.

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Such a standby role would be the only thing that makes sense after such a long development and handling of the product. Plan B, which is used as a stadium and indoor technical show at the same time. But since it works amazingly well on the vast majority of Google platforms and Android in particular, it doesn’t give the impression that it’s going to hit a wall anytime soon, you can never draw this joker. Perhaps this will be different in five years, but the concept of fuchsia may be outdated by then.

To Google’s credit, they never talk about Fuchsia, just as they don’t talk about many other in-house projects that never see the light of day. But the open development got it into the media, which probably made it a bigger deal than it actually is – I don’t exclude myself there either. It was also possible that he was about to be released and then pulled out shortly before. Since Google won’t say one way or the other, we’ll probably never know.

In my view, although the product was never mentioned, this week’s Google I/O conference was a very clear nail in the product’s coffin. Not for the technology behind it, but for the potential end user’s product. RIP Fuchsia?

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