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The historic day was completely unspectacular. The night before, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that from now on, every North American customer with a paid FSD option could use the beta program of the same name — a broad release that Musk said a year ago would be one of its greatest values. Trigger story gains. New Tesla owners in beta testing with FSD were already happy, but Thanksgiving 2022 did not become a double holiday at first. Plus, Tesla doesn’t seem to trust them, because the software also apparently has tight control over autopilot rules.

Tesla program against defeat devices

According to Tesla, a recent FSD test had 160,000 participants in North America. How many come now is unknown, but they are somehow the most dangerous. Tesla previously provided a safety score for inclusion in the test and eventually required at least 80 out of 100 points in it. With Musk’s announcement before Thanksgiving, that requirement has apparently disappeared.

Perhaps that’s why Tesla is introducing a new Autopilot control along with the North American release. When using the system (such as FSD beta or not), it is necessary to keep your hands on the steering wheel, which is checked with the help of sensors. Until now, it was relatively easy to trick them out with your own accessory or build-your-own products (see photo above). But Tesla’s update with the widely available FSD version should contain new measures against it.

While this isn’t in the software’s release notes, it was reported by the Twitter account of the free app Teslascope, which is very involved in such updates. The current version can recognize some so-called “defeat devices,” accessories that simulate slight movements of the hand on the Tesla steering wheel while using Autopilot. Teslascope wrote that this control should be reviewed over time to identify other methods, without citing sources for them.

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FSD autopilot cuts tricks

If an illegal device is detected, the result is a forced deactivation of the autopilot system, Teslascope explained. There is also a “strike” for this. After several, for example, were also triggered by evaluating cabin cameras for newer models, Tesla had previously withdrawn beta eligibility. According to @teslascope, this should not be the case in the future: with the release of FSD V11 (which Musk announced before the end of the year, in fact even before Thanksgiving), the “strike” system will probably be canceled. Anyone who is then caught using autopilot tricks can only expect a ban for the rest of the flight.

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