Hockey players are having a hard time breaking through the American wall in the Pro League

Hockey players have a hard time breaking through the American wall in the Pro League

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The Netherlands beat the United States 3-0 in the Pro League. At Wagner Stadium, the Orange signed with Sunset behind for a solid championship victory.

Less than a minute and a half after the start of the match, the Dutch hockey players already had a series of three penalty kicks ahead. Despite this, no evidence was ever signed.

The first one ended up on the post, in the second penalty corner Margot van Geeven appeared to make it 1-0 on the rebound, but after long deliberation by the video referee it was disallowed because the circle was played on too early. Libby Janssen was allowed to dock at penalty corner number three, and the ball was hauled away.


The Orange faced a tough opponent at Wagener Stadium in the United States, resulting in chaos in the first quarter of the game. There were enough corner kicks and chances for the Orangemen, but the opening goal fell short.

Some encouraging words from national coach Jamilon Mülders after the somewhat slow opening of the Pro League game secured signing Freeke Moes 1-0 early in the second quarter. With her back, she passed American goalkeeper Kelsey Bing.

Not long after, the Netherlands were awarded another penalty, their seventh of the game yet to shoot anything, with Jansen again in the lead to push the draw. Fiona Morgenstern responded adequately on the rebound, scoring her first goal in her second cap (2-0).

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The United States erected a defensive wall, through which the Netherlands had to fight. In the third quarter, Morgenstern again made a successful touchdown. On a pass from Matla, who got past three men with a great job, Morgenstern made it 3-0 from the penalty spot.

In the fourth quarter, the United States could no longer be found in the Dutch half, but the Orange on the other side could not score either.

just no

A commercial victory, but it was a “not just” game. Some passes did not arrive, duels were not won, and corner kicks did not arrive. On Sunday, National Coach Mulders’ team has another chance, and then the second game against the United States at Wagner Stadium is decided.

Professional shots

Matla is looking for a hole to win a Pro League match with the United States

The second match will be played against the United States on Sunday. With this victory, the Netherlands leads the Professional League with 14 points from 5 matches, followed by Germany with 13 points from 8 matches.

Ten beginners in India

On April 8 and 9, Orange will play two matches of the Pro League again. The duels were completed in quick succession and the journey back home began again. Because of the Euro Hockey League (a European championship for club teams), Amsterdam players and Dean Bosch were missing.

As a result, Holland will soon be on the ground in India with a private pick, and the announcement of this pick has caused quite a stir. At least ten freshmen will travel to India. Yibbi Jansen will have 21 caps as the most experienced player. Coach Mülders is not available due to special circumstances.

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