From Peter Bed to the Holland Mall

From Peter Bed to the Holland Mall

Beter Bed will open its first store concept for the city in June. The scoop dedicated to the Holland Mall shopping center in Leidschendam.

The Beter Bed small shop covers almost two hundred square meters. With the same concept, the family chain wants to expand into the main shopping streets in the city center. How much the total will be depends on success at Leidschendam, says CEO John Kruijssen. “We have different scenarios for this, ranging from a few to dozens.”

In the coming years, the Beter Bed will move towards a situation with more stores, but fewer square metres. Thanks to digital tools, according to Kruijssen, it is not always necessary to have a large physical space. “A car company does not have twelve colors for the same car, you can choose them from the screen.” According to him, the bed world is also moving in this direction, which is now lagging far behind. “If you had six colours, in most stores you would have six. Of course that doesn’t make sense.”

Croisen predicts that in the long run, there will be fewer stores on furniture streets. Beter Bed also wants to expand with its sleep experience concept, the first of which recently opened in Groningen. Ultimately, the retailer wants no more than four of this type of experience store in places that fulfill a regional function.

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