Fresh snow creates chaos on the road in the Alps

Afgesloten weg Gurgl

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The snow dump from yesterday and last night was made for great photos, but not everyone was happy with it. The snowfall also caused great chaos on the road in some areas. For example, there have been reports from the Swiss Tyrol and Grisons of highway accidents, crowded cars and closed roads.

November started with a mountain of fresh snow and the ski areas are happy with it. It feels more like winter than autumn in the Alps at the moment and that was a time. However, there is always a drawback to fresh snow, especially for traffic. Despite the fact that winter tires are mandatory in Austria from November 1, things still go wrong on some roads.

Closed road in Tirol

Fresh snow fell in the valleys yesterday and caused problems on several roads in Tirol. The Brennerautobahn (A13) had to be partially closed after several trucks, campers and cars broke down, some of which were still running on summer tyres. At about eight in the evening, the first vehicles broke down, and due to construction work and a narrow lane, the snowplow could not pass. Traffic through Brennerstrae has been diverted, but there too the snow made a mess on the road. This also closed it. At about 10:30 p.m., when the snowfall stopped, the snowblowers had cleared most of the area and the A13 reopened.

20 incidents in Graubünden

Things also went wrong in Switzerland in several places. In canton Graubünden in particular, there was great chaos with more than 20 incidents. The snowfall limit was about 1500 meters and fresh snow remained in the valleys. For example, many cars were parked on the San Bernardino driveway in the afternoon, and access to the A13 between Ander and the San Bernardino Tunnel was difficult until late in the evening. The main cause of accidents was that many people were still driving summer tyres. Fortunately, it was mostly minor damage and no one was seriously injured.

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Expect more snow

Hopefully there will be no more chaos on the roads, because it can still snow a lot in the coming days. The snow line drops below 1000 m, until it is also white in winter in the villages. We monitor weather reports and webcams for you and for everyone who wants to enjoy fresh snow at home, we have listed the most beautiful webcam images this morning.

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