Free tools copied as paid app are blocked in MS Store

Free tools copied as paid app are blocked in MS Store

Finally, one might say. Microsoft has changed the guidelines for developers. Because recently, open source tools have appeared in the Microsoft Store as a paid app more and more.

An example is Belim’s Burnbytes, which appeared as $1.79 Disk Cleaner Pro. discover it Raphael Belem informed. There is definitely more in between. Since I often look there, I’ve noticed some apps that are also sold really expensive. Whether it’s a coincidence, or maybe because of it, Microsoft is changing the guidelines for developers on 07/16/22.

So she says: Change under version 10.8.7 prohibits in-store charging for open source or other software that is publicly available for free, preventing unreasonably high prices. Also new: “What’s new in 11.3.3 has been added a policy that prohibits products intended to provide content related to information, news or current events in the real world from disseminating misleading information.”

With free tools, for example from GitHub, it’s always something like this. Because it always depends on the license under which this tool was issued. With different licenses, there is a possibility that a copy can be made and also sold for money. The app developers are given freedom for these apps here.

But the new directive now prevents this. One can only hope that Microsoft will take this new directive seriously during the review and will eventually get rid of or not allow these apps. Another good decision after messing around with all the tutorial apps that are now checked out as well as “crypto apps”.


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