Free German VPN: Steganos VPN Online Shield protects you

PST – You are not alone when browsing the web. Also not at the moment. Theoretically, your Internet Service Provider (ISP, commonly known as “web provider”) can register and see that you accessed the website and this article (a sub-website) a few seconds ago. This isn’t a drama, but if you’re also heading to completely different websites, then potentially basic exploration of your online activities as a privacy-loving person is definitely not for you. Not only ISPs but also hackers can play tricks and spy on you. One solution: Shut down your forays into your favorite websites with VPN software. The house number is Steganos VPN Online Shieldwhich we provide to you exclusively free of charge.

Download Steganos VPN Online Shield

Going back to the point that hackers are not good at your web sessions, they are more likely to do so when the opportunity presents itself than to have your ISP rummage through you. Criminals prefer to access unprotected WLANs when navigating the web, but even password-protected and therefore encrypted public Wifi hotspots and non-Wifi DSL/LAN web access are not 100% secure. VPN apps provide a way to bridge the gaps.

In principle, VPN software creates an encrypted tunnel. Your traffic flows through it. In addition to incoming traffic, outgoing traffic is also involved. The keywords are bearish and ascending.

With such software, you can make up for the lack of SSL/TLS transmission encryption on websites. Most of the time there. Even with the contacted web servers appropriately secured (identifiable by “https” in the URL). Steganos VPN Online Shield Using the data network is more private: one of the advantages of a VPN is that it forces a different IP address on all named client programs (browser etc). For example, if you want to bypass an account ban on a web forum, cheat geo-blocking or cheat in an online game with a different IP number, you have the opportunity with a VPN.

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Steganos VPN Online Shield: Security made in Germany

Free German VPN: Steganos VPN Online Shield protects you

Are you okay with privacy? The dashboard gives you clarity.

Steganos has been around since 1997, so in 2022 it will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The provider is based in Berlin and has built up a solid reputation when it comes to security. Encryption and password management software is a feature of the company. But the group’s VPN products are also of high quality. There is a free solution called OkayFreedom VPN, which pleases with its simplicity (simple country selection for IP assignment via taskbar icon / systray menu), but is limited to 500MB of traffic per month.

One way to get more VPN performance: Get a one-year trial of Steganos VPN Online Shield, which we’re offering as part of this download promotion. There is no traffic limit here. Combined with a good antivirus, this gives you comprehensive protection in terms of essential security and privacy points. The application is easy to use, and the user interface (GUI) has a modern design. Add-ons enrich VPN protective shield: “block ads”, “prevent tracking”, “automatically remove cookies” and “anonymize browser type”. You can optionally activate this – individually or continuously – using the slide switches.

Get Steganos: Activate the VPN tool by signing up

Free German VPN: Steganos VPN Online Shield protects you

Before indulging in VPN bliss, do a multi-step registration. It’s free and should take you less than five minutes with our guide.

If you are interested in Steganos IP anonymizer, download the installation file in the first step. It is also important to have an account with Steganos: visit and sign up there. To do this, enter your email address and a password of your choice, then click the confirmation link in a new email from Steganos in your mailbox.
In the following, log in to your Steganos profile. To use Steganos VPN Online Shield for one year, go to the campaign page Enter the email address you used to sign up here, and submit your request with a “Serial Number Request”. Now look in your email inbox: You should have received another email from Steganos in which you clicked on the confirmation link. Check your mail again, your Steganos serial number should now be found in an additional message. Highlight it and copy it to the Windows/RAM clipboard using Ctrl-C. Switch to the web browser tab using your customer account login. At this point, entering the VPN software is followed by clicking on Enter Serial Number. Use Ctrl-V to enter the key, and finally click the “Recover” button.

Download Steganos VPN Online Shield

Install Steganos VPN Online Shield. Use the three-line icon (hamburger icon/menu) at the top left of the interface to activate it: click there and go to License Management. A login form appears with the option to enter your email address and password. Enter your access data and confirm with “Login”. And voila: a message informing you that you are “Currently using a premium license”. You will be notified when this ends. The date must be one year in the future. Until then, enjoy full VPN protection from Steganos.

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Instructions: Surf anonymously – this is how it works

To turn on the IP cloak, toggle the toggle next to Protect Connection in Steganos software. You select the desired country, which you want to pretend to be home to the web servers, by clicking on the arrow icon and mouse-clicking on an entry.

Alternatively, you can use the notification area icon: next to the Windows clock there is a protective shield icon, which you right-click and go to “Change country”. You will find several countries of origin of the IP in the list that cascades over with your mouse. You tell your favorite program with one click. You can also do this in the app’s interface, where you click on the hamburger line icon at the top left and then hover over “Change country”.

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