‘Four years of Trump rule have already been a bitter misery for science’

'Four years of Trump rule have already been a bitter misery for science'
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The American scientific world has seen the past four years of Donald Trump’s presidency as bitter misery. This is said Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, USA. After Trump’s election, people were eagerly waiting for the effect, but the disappointment was too great.

Disillusionment peaked with last year’s coronavirus pandemic, but the first signs were already there when he began issuing very strict regulations in his first month as president. This made it more difficult for foreign students and researchers to enter the country. It has also intervened very radically in environmental legislation and in all places in the ministries and the White House where the scientific advisors also sit.

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Djgraf predicts that if Biden can take office from Trump, he will undoubtedly cancel many of Trump’s interventions. This certainly applies to issues such as climate and health. “I think the fight with China has intensified in recent years and that’s something that worries both Democrats and Republicans. It’s not about whether America is good, it just wants to be number one. This anti-Chinese attitude is on the rise and I think it will stay.”

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2015-08-26 16:28:31 Hilversum – Robert Decgrave during the VPRO Season Show. ANP KIPPA BAS CZERWINSKIA ANP Kippa
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