Four focus points for new leadership for the next five years

Four focus points for new leadership for the next five years

The clear divide emerges between leaders who are considered “innovators” (56%) and those who are considered “survivors” (44%). The first group says they can focus on acceleration, transformation, investing in growth and innovation, while the survivors focus on cutting costs and maintaining the pace of change.

This is according to a PA Consulting survey of 300 business leaders in Europe, the UK and the US to better understand leadership behavior patterns. More than two-thirds (69%) of all leaders say they urgently need to improve their leadership approach, and nearly three-quarters (70%) say a more transparent and results-oriented approach will enable them to perform better over the next two years.

Four critical leadership behaviors

The vast majority of leaders in the survey recognize that the behaviors listed below are essential leadership qualities – now and in the near future. It is believed that the behaviors can lead to better social outcomes (74%) and lead to better performance (70%).

  • Encourage human optimism: Happy, positive employees are 12% more productive. By nurturing optimism, leaders can stimulate innovation and creativity.
  • Empowering teams to innovate: Many companies continue to focus on goals and missions, rather than core goals and results. The role of leadership is to enable new ways of thinking. By motivating teams and giving them the space and freedom to innovate, you stimulate creativity.
  • Create Agile Environments: Rapid change is the norm these days. By incentivizing flexibility, inclusiveness, and resilience, you can create teams capable of delivering rapid changes. The best leaders are curious, open to new ideas, and encourage an experimental mindset within the organization.
  • Find inspiration in surprising places: New leadership requires the ability to look beyond your field for new ideas. By looking for new ways to use existing technologies, applying new skills to old problems or looking for startups and disruptors, new perspectives and opportunities emerge.
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The new leadership looks to the common good

Research shows that there are specific ways to lead with the goal of making a difference. However, 30% of leaders say they are not willing to change their leadership style if it is necessary for the greater good. However, business leaders who fail to understand or practice the importance of changing behaviors risk becoming irrelevant and ineffective.

“The world is changing rapidly. As a business leader you have to come with you. You can’t afford not to respond to new realities within organisations. For example, there is a huge need for new leadership focused on wanting to do the right thing. So with more attention to sustainability, social impact and putting people in Primarily, rather than a short-term focus on business results. The research confirms this development and confirms that it is time to change your way of thinking, especially in these times of uncertainty,” says Marc Grebe, President of PA Consulting Netherlands.

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