Fortnite’s The Walking Dead portal is now open

Fortnite's The Walking Dead portal is now open

It is an electronic game He now hosts another portal with a teardrop between his world and Walking dead Now open in a battle royale game. Players this week noticed that the portal is connected It is an electronic game And the Walking dead It’s opened and visible to players to peek at, although you won’t see any pedestrians flocking from it or anything like that. Instead, you’ll see two characters from Walking dead Join the game as soon as Daryl Dixon and Michonne add to the many transfers in Season 5.

Players began sharing their encounters with the portal online as they found it on It is an electronic game The island and got to know what it was Look through the portal in the clip he shared below FortTory, You can see how the visible parts of the background in the portal world correspond perfectly with what was shown while joking for The Walking Dead Skins shown at The Game Awards.

Around the same time that people started taking notes on the portal, It is an electronic game Share a crossover teaser as well. There is a video shared on social media in which Gunzi talked about some of his upcoming guests who will join the fifth season of fighting with the character which refers to people with bows and swords. Typically these types of teasers involve more guesswork on player parts – or at least some action combining teasers with the inevitable leaks we’ve seen – but this teaser has been spoiled by the ad at the Game Awards, so guesswork isn’t required here.

Some players speculated about whether we’d see more Walking dead Besides leather added to Daryl and Michonne It is an electronic game. The battle royale game has zombies in it more than once even if it wasn’t exactly called that, so there were rumors and some hopes that we might see zombies from Walking dead Come to the game. The crossover will likely extend to the roofs, but we’ll see soon enough once new cosmetics are added to the game later on Wednesday.

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