Forging a ‘SQUID GAME’ cipher, a magically hidden multi-crore… What happened?! | Investors Lost Crores In New SQUID GAME Crypto Scam

Forging a 'SQUID GAME' cipher, a magically hidden multi-crore... What happened?!  |  Investors Lost Crores In New SQUID GAME Crypto Scam

The craze for cryptocurrency is increasing day by day for people. If a new cryptocurrency is created, they are willing to pour millions into it. The reason is the growth of Bitcoin over ten years. Bitcoin, which was worth only $1 in 2011, is now worth $62,000. This growth cannot be seen in anything else.

Even if only one bitcoin was bought in 2011, there are no people today who would not expect to get millions. Therefore, if it is a new cryptocurrency, they immediately buy it and collect it without any thought. But not all of them are legitimate. In some cases you may be deceived. Such a major cryptocurrency fraud is happening right now.

Squid game series

Have you heard of “Squid games”? A Korean series that was released on Netflix last September. Within weeks of its release, Squid Games were a worldwide hit. How successful it was, it became the most watched series in one month on Netflix. All the cast of the series became overnight stars as the director who directed the series. Not only the actors, but they played a game with a type of candy called “Talcona Candy” at one point in the series. The talcona has been very well received by squid fans all over the world. Talcona is a huge win for candy shoppers.

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