Foreign support for Dutch farmers’ protest

Foreign support for Dutch farmers' protest

The Dutch farmers’ protest has gained prominence beyond national borders with the support of former US President Donald Trump and French politician Marine Le Pen.

On Saturday, Trump praised Dutch farmers who have resisted the “heroism” of the new nitrogen policy. Among other things, he said, “the government there wants to drastically reduce Dutch farm production, while there is a global shortage of food.” His comments were part of a diatribe against “climate fanatics,” whom he criticized in a speech at an event organized by the far-right organization Turning Point USA in Florida.

The 76-year-old former president presented his version of the Dutch situation after stating that climate measures are leading to food shortages. In the Netherlands – of all places – farmers are heroically resisting the climate tyranny of the Dutch government. Can you believe it?’

Do not modify the state

According to Trump, Dutch farmers are no longer allowed to work on their land. They should no longer be allowed to buy fertilizer and dispose of their livestock. “You know why, you don’t have to explain it,” Trump said, before explaining anyway, “They want to get rid of the cattle because of what you’re doing to the land. Half the cattle have to go.”

He ended his references to the Netherlands as follows: “In our movement we oppose the climate fanatics. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the peaceful Dutch farmers who are heroically fighting for their freedom. It is horrible what is happening.

French support

Marine Le Pen, head of the French National Rally (formerly the National Front) party, posted a video on Twitter in which she wrote in Dutch, “I support Dutch farmers.” In the accompanying text on Twitter, you underline the text from the video. “At a time when Dutch farmers are demonstrating against expropriation, I would like to support them in the National Assembly as President of the National Assembly.” PVV leader Geert Wilders loved it.

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Education, Culture and Science Minister Robert Dijgraf has some comments about the statement of support from the former President of the United States.

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