For all WhatsApp users, be free from a serious security error .. easy steps to prevent it

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Many researchers in the field of cybersecurity within Check Point have discovered a major fraud that occurred during the past weeks through the famous WhatsApp messaging application, which helps a lot to completely hijack the quick chat accounts from their owners.

Experts discovering a major WhatsApp fraud Important steps to prevent it

A British technical newspaper confirmed that the security researcher Eusebio Niva, from within the company itself, said, “The first thing to know about this cyber attack is that the main goal of cyber criminals is to benefit from the victim’s confidence .. The method of carrying out this attack is based on the fact that this criminal is In the past, the e-mail managed to attack one of the victim’s WhatsApp contacts and steal all his phone numbers.

The attacker exploits a new way in the event that the account owner changes his phone, and in the case of installing the WhatsApp application, authentication codes will be sent through SMS, and your application will be temporarily suspended, and it will provide you with the opportunity to modify your number This is where the intervention It has cyber criminals.

At this time, the hacker communicates with the rich support of “WhatsApp” through e-mail and demands that the demonstrators that you are the owner of the account, and begin to inform them that the account has been stolen and review the account support team will discover that there are attempts to enter and after that the account is completely suspended.

To protect yourself, you should follow the following steps:

  • You should not share the verification codes for your WhatsApp account with anyone.
  • Beware of talking to strange unknown numbers or providing them with personal information.
  • You must remember that all WhatsApp officials will never ask you to provide private information through chat messages, text messages, or phone calls.
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