Black Mirror Comes With Christmas Special

Black Mirror Comes With Christmas Special

We’ve thought it so many times this year: 2020 is stranger than one Black mirrorring. With all of Zoom’s weddings, conspiracy theorists and the president of the United States almost causing wars on Twitter, we are less in need of a Black Mirror. The makers of the hit show understood that too, so they left us alone for a while. To wrap up this year with us, they came up with a special, but differently from what I’m used to.

Black Mirror: Death to 2020

In an advertisement on our Netflix Twitter account, we read, “2020 – Even Black Mirror creators couldn’t launch this year.” But – “They have something to add.” Then the title appears: “Death to 2020”. “An original Netflix comedy event we’re still recording – and you’ll never forget it. From the year you really don’t want to remember.”

Die Cast Fan Black Mirror: Death to 2020

In the teaser, we note that a large group of stars have signed up for the special: The credits include international stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Hugh Grant, Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick), Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live), and Joe Kerry (Steve from Stranger Things).

Releasedatum Black Mirror: Death to 2020

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date yet, and we don’t know what the special will look like yet (maybe the Zoom mistake?). It will undoubtedly be a creative thing. We will keep you informed!

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