Following fixes for Marvel’s Avengers “1000+ problems” reported by players •

Following fixes for Marvel's Avengers "1000+ problems" reported by players •

“We cannot thank you enough for your patience and support.”

Crystal Dynamics, the developer of Marvel’s Avengers, revealed that the next action patch will address “more than 1,000 issues” identified by fans and the game community.

Square Enix said in the update, “The V1.3.0 patch is our first major patch since launch and addresses more than 1,000 issues that have helped croak in the past two weeks, ranging from many progress stops to small graphical fixes,” which addresses issues at all releases Games: PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

“While the focus of this patch has been on bug resolution, near-term future patches will incorporate more QLS and feedback-based features / settings. We cannot thank you enough for your patience and support. Please keep doing this; you help shape Marvel’s future Avengers “.

The post then goes on to list a host of issues, from “mini graphics fixes” to “progress pauses” and everything in between, and also provides a number of instructions for other known issues that haven’t yet been corrected, including prize-related issues on PS4. It also addresses concerns about matchmaking, multiplayer, animation, UI, combat, gear, challenges and rewards.

All post-launch DLC characters from Marvel’s Avengers will have a $ 10 Battle Pass. In a long and complex article explaining how the game manages gear and cosmetics, the $ 10 pass – called Hero Challenge Cards – “allows players to earn resources, units, credits, and cosmetics to complete in-game challenges.”

The Super Hero Challenge Card rewards have already been unlocked for the Six Rookie Champions, something Square Enix says “Prevent.”[s] Content portal and ensures that you and your friends can try these exciting add-ons together. ”However, to unlock all rewards for any new heroes that are introduced after launch, players will have to unlock premium rewards for each one with 1,000 in-game credits.

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“As a straightforward service game, you can expect a lot of tweaks and changes as weeks turn into months,” she wrote in Eurogamer Marvel’s Avengers: “But after it has benefited so much from those types of games, it has little of its own identity left.” Review. “ Despite its campaign promise, endearing crew and impressive soundtrack, Marvel’s Avengers is an unoriginal and uninspiring relationship that unfortunately falls short of what it could have been – what Should It has been.”

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