FLIGHT: Fantastic photo collection | the book

FLIGHT: Fantastic photo collection |  the book

The photo book was published earlier this month Flight By aviation photographer Dirk Jan de Rieder. The book contains a selection of photographs he took of military aircraft. In recent years he has visited many air forces around the world. During these exclusive visits, he often had the opportunity to catch a plane while flying with his camera.

Shooting from another device (“air in the airPhotography’) requires a lot of preparation. Flying a military aircraft is rarely possible for non-military personnel. However, Dirk Jean has been able to do this a few dozen times in the past fifteen years. Often fired from helicopters or tankers, he also came aboard the F-5F Tiger II in Switzerland, the MiG-21 in Romania and a Saab 105 jet trainer in Sweden for the same purpose.

In an interview with Up in the Sky in 2018, he talked about his major air in the air– Photography: “It’s still hard, (…) you have to explain in detail to a helicopter or fighter jet pilot how to fly in formation with another plane to give me perfect capture opportunities. (…) My first flight with a fighter jet was very exciting. In the military field, you have actually only flown a Cougar and a VC-10, and then suddenly find yourself in the back of the MiG-21 … the acceleration during take-off is enormous, but when the afterburner turns off shortly after, the aircraft in front of you seems to feel silent If you no longer hear the engine at the same time, you will think ‘As long as that goes well.’ In the end, of course, all went well, and I was safely back on the ground three-quarters of an hour later.”

Romanian MiG-21 © Dirk Jan de Ridder

The book contains 192 photographs of 95 different types of aircraft, from 39 different air forces. The photos were taken at 58 different locations in 22 countries. They are arranged by continent and then by country. Instead of a complete list of all types of Air Force aircraft, flight coffee table book A visual homage to military aviation, through the eyes of photographer Dirk Jan de Rieder. The pages are filled with beautiful fixtures, for example, F-5 fighter jets over the Swiss Alps, the Canadian BAe Hawk and the Beech T-6 Texan. According to the photographer himself, images of Croatian firefighting aircraft in action are a highlight of the book. And pictures of Lebanese and Cypriot helicopters are special because they are rarely photographed.

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at Flight Plenty of space is provided for impressive photography. This is the only downside at the same time. On the same pages, only the state is mentioned, but other than that, the pictures lack an explanation or explanation of the picture. At the back of the book is a list of all the photos with the type of aircraft, the name of the relevant air force, and the location. This design wouldn’t be a problem for enthusiasts, but the average caring person might view the lack of feedback as a lack.

  • Dirk Jan de Rieder | FLIGHT COFFEE TABLE BOOK
  • cover | 160 pages | 29 x 29 cm | 192 photos
  • ISBN 9789090357713 | Self-published by Ridder Aero Media
  • €59.99 can be ordered via Kameramarkt.eu and Ridder.aero

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