Flat Earth Plan Meeting on the Balearic Island of Menorca

Flat Earth Plan Meeting on the Balearic Island of Menorca

Menorca – Not everyone is convinced that the Earth is round. A growing group of so-called “flat-earths” believe that the Earth is actually a flat disk rather than a hemisphere. In September, the followers of this theory gathered in Menorca. Who are they and what exactly do they think?

On September 18th, ‘terraplanistas’ (Flat Earthers) will gather for Spain’s first flat-floor event in Menorca. In total, more than 100 individuals From expected traffic from all over the country.

It was Aristotle who actually showed in 340 BC that the Earth is a hemisphere and not a disk. However, not everyone is convinced of this. With the advancement of the internet, the so-called flat earth theory or flat earth theory gained popularity again.

According to Alexandre López Burrol, a professor at the Open University of Catalonia, proponents believe Theory in non-scientific arguments. Moreover, they often think in an elitist framework, because they are convinced that they have the truth and that the majority of human beings are wrong. According to Burrol, the psychological component of the group plays an important role here. “It’s not about the mind, it’s about feeling part of a select group that is different from others.”

This seems to have an effect. In Brazil and the United States, 7% and 2% of the population, respectively, believe in the Flat Earth theory. Contrary to conspiracy theories surrounding Covid or about AIDS, Flat Earth is completely harmless. The theory goes hand in hand with a distrust of science and a romantic view of the past. There is no doubt that the event in Menorca will be fun. However, it remains to be seen whether significant scientific progress will be made.

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