Finally… davatziliki from COSMOTE, VODAFONE, and WIND: See what’s changing

Finally... davatziliki from COSMOTE, VODAFONE, and WIND: See what's changing

Cosmot, Vodafone, Wind: Significant changes in mobile phone charges and change of service provider. Stricter terms for Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind for consumer protection.

What the draft includes for the new code of conduct, citizens’ complaints, contracts, billing disputes, and settlements. All developments at

More transparency with clearer terms at all levels From advertising and promotion of services to the most important, consumer complaints are required by the National Commission for Telecommunications and Posts (EETT) with its proposal on the “Code of Ethics for the Provision of Electronic Communications Services to Consumers” which has been put forward for public consultation until the beginning of Dec.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish general principles and procedures to be followed by each electronic communication service provider for the provision of electronic communication services to consumers, regulating issues for the provision of electronic communication services to consumers as well as the applicable regulatory and legislative framework.

In particular, issues relating to general obligations of service providers, advertising and promotion of services, promotion of sales of services, pre-contractual information, contracts, service activation, pricing – fees – billing and settlements, open Internet are regulated. Staff training, customer service, complaints and compliance with rules, controls and penalties.

Indicatively, as stated in Section 10 on Customer Service, “The Provider shall ensure that the waiting time for Customers calling a Customer Service Call Center is limited to the maximum reasonable time and at the maximum fee, as specified in the General License Regulation.

An exception to this time limit is the case where free calls cannot be waited, so the call will not be answered until instant phone service is available.

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This reasonable time limit also applies to consumers who choose to communicate via video call or live chat.

To settle the demand, the provider shall make an effort to resolve the consumers’ requests as quickly as possible.

To this end, procedures should be established by which the initial contact of consumers with customer service is monitored and the requests that cannot be settled during the first contact are identified, in order to highlight the underlying causes and resolve them in a reasonable time. Delays in resolving consumer claims.

With respect to pricing, fees, billing disputes and settlements, Provider first ensures that the billing information presentation for the services it provides is accurate, understandable and in no way contains misleading information (inaccurate information, ambiguities, exaggerations or omitted information).

The Provider shall ensure the existence and implementation of dispute resolution and debt settlement mechanisms, including procedures for managing consumer complaints in relation to billing issues.

When managing and informing consumers of their complaints and if the latter’s requests are not fulfilled, the Provider shall mention methods for resolving disputes by the appropriate administrative or judicial authorities.

In connection with the compensation policy, the provider shall apply the compensation/recovery policy in case of breach of contractual obligations related to the terms of service, such as settlement of current or future consumer debts, credit amount, etc.

The consumer chooses freely and without pressure and after being fully informed of his choices the method of compensation he desires.

In the event of a dispute on the account, the Provider shall provide in writing or via e-mail, at the option of the Subscriber, detailed explanations of the disputed fees and their connection to the services provided that justify them.

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If there is justification for the Subscriber, the Provider shall deposit the relevant amounts into the following account and in each case within the relevant deadline set by the General Licensing Regulation. In addition, in any case, the consumer can appeal to the dispute settlement bodies out of court or in court.

Cosmot, Vodafone, Wind: Consumer complaints

The service provider must ensure that consumer complaints are resolved promptly, effectively and fairly. To this end, it must adhere to the following principles:

1 – Effective settlement: Provider shall endeavor to resolve complaints/grievances upon first contact with the consumer, where possible.

Complaint management departments must have sufficient resources and sufficient levels of authority to select and resolve a complaint.

The Provider shall ensure that its staff treat complaining consumers courteously and direct them in the most effective and easy way to submit both complaints and any additional documents required for their management and service.

2. Transparency and Accessibility: The service provider should have a guide containing the complaints/grievance procedures recorded, which the employees must follow when dealing with consumer complaints.

Where complaints cannot be resolved at the first level, the procedures should include an internal reporting procedure at higher levels.

Any internal actions of the Provider shall not harm consumers and make it difficult to satisfy their requests/complaints effectively.

The service provider shall train its employees and provide them with the relevant Complaint Handling Manual.

In addition, the Provider must have information published on its website and a relevant form for its registered consumer complaints procedure, including information on their right to file complaints.

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This form should contain sufficient instructions written in clear and understandable language so that consumers can easily determine how to file a complaint and the competent personnel of the provider they can approach.

Similar information is included on the provider’s website.

3. Reply: The Provider shall respond in a documented and written manner to any complaint/complaint submitted to it in accordance with the provisions of the General Licensing Regulation.

The provider must provide sufficient information on the progress of the complaint in the event the consumer requests information, as well as notify in the event of a change in the schedule and the reasons for the delay.

In addition, it must have adequate mechanisms for monitoring and resolving problems that arise in accordance with what has been agreed upon with the consumer and with the procedures described above.

In the event that the Service Provider considers that the complaint does not require further investigation, it shall inform the consumer in full, in a clear and understandable manner, of the reasons for this decision and, if the consumer requests, inform him of the availability of alternative options for consideration. complaint.

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