Fighting tax evasion by global companies

Fighting tax evasion by global companies

This removes the reason to use a tax haven, or creates one. Biden has proposed 15% as a minimum for global negotiations, although it could be higher.

Another problem: Taxing ‘digital’ businesses

Another point of interest is what to do with companies that make profits in countries where they do not have a physical presence. This can be done through digital or online retail advertising. Countries led by France began imposing unilateral “digital” taxes that hit the biggest US tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. The United States calls these unfair trade practices and threatens retaliation with import duties.

The solution: waive tax rights

Biden’s proposal focuses on the 100 largest and most profitable multinational corporations, regardless of what type of business they’re in, digital or not. Countries can claim the right to tax a portion of their profits – according to a proposal backed by the Group of Seven rich democracies, up to 20% of corporate profits above a 10% profit margin. Governments will have to unilaterally roll back their taxes and settle trade disputes with the United States

Biden’s plans

The agreement, hammered out in talks last week by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, plays a role in Biden’s campaign for changes he believes will make the tax system fairer and increase returns on infrastructure investment and clean infrastructure. It would increase energy. . The United States has already taxed foreign profits under the Trump administration. But Biden wants to nearly double the Trump-era rate to 21%, as well as impose that rate on a country-by-country basis so tax havens can be targeted. The president also wants to make it more difficult for US companies to merge with foreign companies and avoid US taxes, a process known as reversal.

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All of these changes must be approved by the US Congress, with only a small majority for the Democratic president. Biden wanted to make diplomatic gains in OECD talks so that other countries would impose some form of minimum tax to prevent companies from evading potential tax obligations.

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