Fifth Generation Anti-Soldier Monks, Relay Antenna Destroyers

Fifth Generation Anti-Soldier Monks, Relay Antenna Destroyers

On Monday we learned from a judicial source that two monks from a fundamentalist Catholic monastery in the Rhone were indicted last week for attacking relay antennas due to hostility to the deployment of 5G.

5G antenna installation

Corner stone

According to the Villefranche-sur-Saone Public Prosecutor’s Office, which confirms information from the regional daily Le Progrès, the two men, aged 39 and 40, confessed to setting fire to the first telephone pole, on the night of September 14 to 15 in St. Forgoux, northwest of Lyon.

Damage was limited.

The following night, the monks, members of a convent located in Beaujolais, were arrested in flagrante delicto by the gendarmerie, while trying to set fire to an antenna in another town, in Annecy.

“negative effects”

After they were placed under arrest and then brought before the investigating judge, Villefranche Prosecutor Laetitia Franckart explained to AFP, they acknowledged the facts, explaining that they acted “to protect the population from the harmful effects” of the 5G network.

The monks, who were charged with “destroying and attempting to destroy by incendiary means” and “forming criminal gangs”, were placed under judicial supervision.

They are part of the Capuchin community located in the Saint-François Abbey in Villié-Morgon, attached to the fundamentalist movement of Fraternity Sacerdotale Saint-Pie X, according to their website.

According to Le Progrès, the monastery’s spokesman spoke of “a reclusive act and a youthful error”. “The waves are very harmful to health and they wanted to work for the welfare of mankind,” she told the newspaper.

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