Ferrari does not want to choose a captain: ‘It’s still early’

Ferrari does not want to choose a captain: 'It's still early'

Ferrari is currently going through a very strong season. Charles Leclerc won two races, Bahrain and Australia, and led the world championship until last weekend. He squandered the lead on Max Verstappen as he retired last weekend.

However, Leclerc is clearly the most powerful Ferrari driver at the moment. Monegask works very steadily and makes much fewer mistakes than before. His teammate Carlos Sainz has had a less successful season at the moment and is far below Leclerc’s. Sainz, for example, flirted with Spain last weekend, and has already retired twice in Imola and Australia.

Too early

So there are also calls for Sainz to drive for Leclerc. However, at Ferrari, no one wanted to participate there, the calls fell on deaf ears. At the team representatives’ press conference, Ferrari president Laurent Mekies spoke about it: “No, I think it’s still too early. Last season, the points differentials at the start of the season were also useful to say the same. But things have changed in the end. We’re definitely making sure. That Carlos is able to adapt and can feel more comfortable.”

so trust me

Ferrari has great confidence in Sainz’s ability. After all, the Spanish driver fared better than Leclerc last season. So Mikis is confident that everything will be fine: “He showed a very strong performance last season. We are sure that he will develop very quickly. We are in race number 6 out of 22 and we are still far from that problem. We are talking about it. It is topic for later.”

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