Fernando Alonso returns to the result after Haas protested the car’s “unsafe condition”. sports

Fernando Alonso returns to the result after Haas protested the car's "unsafe condition".  sports

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso has lost seventh place at the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix after the stewards granted a protest from rival Haas team over the safety of his car.

Haas had complained about the cars of Alonso (Alpine) and fourth place Sergio Perez (Red Bull), who remained in the race despite the faults. The protest against Pérez was denied, but Alonso received a 30-second penalty which dropped him to 15th.

According to Haas, Alonso’s car was in an unsafe condition after the collision because the right mirror was loose. She finally fell without being disturbed. American Haas argued that he had already received a black and orange flag three times this season, forcing the driver to stop.

Fernando Alonso. © AFP

“The car must be in a safe condition during the race, and in this case it was not (Alonso’s) car 14,” the stewards said in a statement. “This is the responsibility of the Alpine team.” Because of the loss of Alonso, Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) ended up 7th.

The damage to Alonso’s car was the result of a lap 22 collision with Vettel’s teammate Lance Stroll. He was blamed for the collision and will have to concede three grid positions next week at the Mexican Grand Prix. Alonso and Stroll will be Aston Martin teammates next year.

Perez’s car was already damaged in the early stages. Red Bull himself has pointed this out and made it clear that no more parts can be cut.

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