Federal Court of Appeals denies Trump campaign efforts to revive Pennsylvania lawsuit, saying ‘the allegations are baseless’

Federal Court of Appeals denies Trump campaign efforts to revive Pennsylvania lawsuit, saying 'the allegations are baseless'

A three-judge panel in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Trump campaign’s request, led by Rudy Giuliani, to amend its previously dismissed lawsuit.

“The campaign never claimed that any ballot paper was forged or cast by an illegal voter,” the judges wrote. “It has never claimed that an accused person treated the Trump campaign or its votes worse than they did with the Biden campaign or its votes. Describing something as discriminatory does not make it so. The second revised complaint still has these fundamental flaws, so granting permission for the amendment would be pointless.” .

The president and some of his allies have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 elections, saying without evidence that they were rigged and seeking to use legal battles to overturn results in key states.

The justices also rejected the president’s request to reverse Pennsylvania’s vote ratification.

“Campaign allegations have no merit. The number of ballots it specifically challenges is much less than the winning margin of around 81,000. It never claims any fraud or any votes cast by illegal voters. Additionally, Sending millions of mail – on balloting would be radical and unprecedented, depriving a large section of the electorate of the right to vote and disturbing all lower ballot races as well. This remedy would be highly disproportionate to the procedural challenges at hand, “the judges wrote.

The president’s campaign resumed a scathing verdict at the end of last week when Judge Matthew Bran canceled the lawsuit that could not be amended or reinstated.

Bran compared it to “Frankenstein’s monster … randomly sewn,” and criticized the request to deny nearly seven million voters the right to vote in a complaint full of “tense legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations.”

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The appeals court noted the Trump campaign’s multiple attempts to change its lawsuit and commended Bran’s handling of the matter.

“We commend the District Court for its prompt, fair and patient handling of this difficult litigation,” the commission wrote.

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