Father and son duo open a video game store in Exeter

EXETER – The father and son team opens their own store selling video games.

Bob Rothwell and his son Brandon will open Reality Check Gaming Saturday at 104 Epping Road, which will specialize in selling video games and game consoles, including classic games like Atari and the original Nintendo Entertainment System. They will also sell action figures and other items from movies and comic books, including two arcade classics, Galaga and Mortal Kombat II. Additionally, they will buy and trade unwanted equipment and anyone who buys one of their consoles are welcome to try it out in the store.

“I’ve been playing since I was a little kid, so opening this store is a dream come true,” said Brandon Rothwell, 28, from Rochester. “It’s great to work side by side with my dad and have something of ours and we can be our bosses.”

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