Family man Stetan leaves no room for tension during Moerschanscross | Sports in Zeeland

Family man Stetan leaves no room for tension during Moerschanscross |  Sports in Zeeland

HULST – Before Moerschanscross – and with it the start of the VZA Cross Competition – Delta Sport’s Jones Stetan has already announced his desire to run in front of his fans. Thanks to the encouragement of his wife Sanne, his two children, parents-in-law and his sister-in-law, Stitan triumphed over the three rounds at Hulst quite easily, deviating only a few seconds from his pre-set schedule. In the women’s race, Monica Sanders of Dynamics won.

The elderly crossing of more than 10 kilometers was a bit boring for the audience. On the first lap, Stetan led, followed a few meters away by Patrick de Vos. At the right distance, Nick Dean Exeter (Schildesport) and Belgium’s Thibaut van den Bosch are battling for the last place of honor. The other participants are already eliminated after half a lap for a place on the podium.

As the race continued, Stetan moved further and further away from his opponent and won in 30:55 minutes. It might be a good start to winning the VZA Cross for the third time. “But I will be in several races outside of Zeeland, so I don’t know if I will get the five races needed for the ring,” the title candidate said after Moerschanscross. He is looking forward to Mosselloop next weekend, where he hopes to compete with Tim Pleijte and Tim van den Broeke, who he trains with regularly at Westenschouwen.

During Moerschanscross, Patrick de Vos was Stetan’s main striker. He held his second place during the race in Holst. I don’t like motocross, but it’s good training for Zevenheuvelenloop in Nijmegen. ”Stitan and Van den Broeke will also initially be there. Holst’s last place of honor went to Thibaut van den Bosch, ahead of Nick den Exeter, Eric Wolfert, Sander Post, Sander de Hondt and Berten de Fleischer.

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The women’s race was also quiet. Monica Sanders easily took the lead after a morning practice run, initially followed by Leonie Tun by a few meters. ‘Depending on the situation at home, I’ll be running the 42-plus km Berenloop on Terschelling on Sunday,’ Ton looked to the future. Sanders clocked 37:00 minutes in Holst on Saturday, Ton clocked 39.25 minutes and Lotte Stephens of Belgium finished last. Thanks to several Belgians, there were a total of 342 participants at the start of the 35th Moerschanscross race.

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