Facebook launches the Climate Science Information Center in Bel …

Facebook lanceert informatiecentrum klimaatwetenschap in België

Facebook will launch the Climate Science Information Center in our country on Thursday. Anyone searching for terms related to climate will be suggested on the social network site to have a look at the information center. There should be scientifically proven news and clear climate information.

In September last year, it was the turn of the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. This action came after Facebook criticized its policy of not qualifying opinion articles to verify external facts. So false claims can be circulated anyway.

“Without the right knowledge available to all of us, we cannot win the battle against climate change. Facebook itself said in a press release:“ Facebook is an environment for global knowledge sharing and we know how important it is for all shared knowledge to be reliable, especially when it comes to climate change. ”

Consequently, all the information contained in the information center comes from the “leading Belgian organizations in the field of climate change”. Facebook claims to collect detailed information that delves into the climate more than general facts and advice. “We have something for everyone, whether you dive into the topic for the first time or have been searching for it for years.”

According to Facebook, the amount of information in the center is not only increasing, but it is also making improvements. For example, a recently added section contains facts that debunk popular myths about climate. For example, it has to do with the stories that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere benefits plant life. Or that polar bear populations will not decline due to global warming.

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To provide the facts, Facebook is inviting climate communication experts from George Mason University, the Yale Climate Change Communication Program, and the University of Cambridge. Outside Belgium, the Information Center is now deployed in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan and South Africa.

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