Facebook launched a chatbot for small and medium businesses

Facebook launched a chatbot for small and medium businesses

The goal of Facebook is to bring small and medium-sized businesses closer to the tools to approach their customers through messaging

Facebook The chatbot was launched on The WhatsApp NS messengerAs part of its “Where Talks Get Better” effort, which seeks to attract small and medium-sized businesses (Small and medium-sized companies) Tools and materials for using messaging apps in the procurement process and supporting their economic recovery.

through a simple menuFemale and male entrepreneurs can to reach For information on Conversational Tradeits benefits, tools to get you started, best practices and content it has developed Facebook To accompany them before, during and after integrating them into their business.

People expressed their preference to interact with businesses through The WhatsApp NS messengerThe platform is highlighted, either to ask questions about a product, make an appointment or make a purchase, due to its knowledge and ease of use.

to survey accidental, commissioned by Facebook IQ, it is shown that 77% of respondents in Mexico You think companies should provide courier purchase services.

For a long time, companies, especially small ones, have used apps to communicate with their customers. We have seen the development and interest in the topic, turning messaging apps into an important channel for discovering and converting purchases,” explains Director Facebook Business Marketing for latin america, Deborah Netta.

“Nothing is better than using a chatbot to accurately communicate this direction,” he concluded.

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram. Photo de Brett Jordan / Unsplash

The social network also reported a recent study of AMVO2, indicating that as a result of the epidemic, 48% of Small and medium-sized companies In Mexico they choose e-commerce. 34% reported that this was their only source of income during the health crisis and 38% indicated that they use WhatsApp as part of their strategy.

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The social network emphasized that it is a great time to take advantage of resources that allow them to improve interaction with consumers and their results.

Finally, he noted that conversational commerce generates greater flexibility in transactions, provides convenience to customers and creates more permanent links between them and businesses.

For more details about this new chat software, you can click on this link.

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