Facebook is testing a new option – for the neighborhood

Facebook is testing a new option - for the neighborhood

The option is only available in certain US and Canadian cities and it is not known when it can be extended to other markets.

Facebook announced the testing of a new option within its mobile app designed to connect with neighbors. Initially, the option will be limited to only a few cities in the United States and Canada, and it is not known when (and whether it will expand at all) to include other markets.

Neighborhoods on Facebook will rely on connecting people who live in the same neighborhood, as well as finding people with similar interests like sports, reading, pets, and the like. Also, Zuckerberg envisioned this option as a virtual place to discuss all the problems in the neighborhood, the desires of the tenants, etc.

Android and Apple phone users who choose to use this option will need to be able to share their location so that Facebook can connect them with the people who live near them. In addition to the classic profile information, users will be able to share information about their interests, and they will be able to choose the role they want to play in their area – for example, they can emphasize how this option is used to meet people and socialize while others can define “assistants” thus Letting their neighbors know that they can count on them in case they need something.

Facebook testing of neighborhoods has already started in Canada, and according to Reid Patton, who runs the project, it has so far been used mostly to find lost pets, organize excursions, make new friends, find masters, etc.

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In theory, this tool looks useful, but you will see how it will look in action, because it will likely mean giving new data to Facebook, and it will be necessary to monitor and manage the content posted, which has often proven to be a huge challenge for Facebook moderators and algorithms. They are always old.

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