Facebook and Instagram down tonight April 8, what’s going on (UPDATED)

Facebook down non funziona malfunzionamento

Mark Zuckerberg’s empire stopped functioning again a few weeks after his last technical problem: The social networking site Facebook e Instagram They started going out of business around 11:15 PM today April 8, 2021 and it looks like problems are still there.

At the moment, the reasons are not known yet but don’t worry because it is not a problem with your smartphone or your computer if you are unable to publish a post, post a story, separate news feed, or use some related features of various social media applications.

Everything should be back, as usual, in a few hours, it is time for the technicians to find and fix any leaks. Let us see in more detail what is happening both in and within Europe ItalyWhere the problems seem to be pervasive.

Facebook basically doesn’t allow you to see new posts, post posts, upload photos, and update feed. It appears to be inaccessible from the web and from the app and thus it is practically unusable due to the persistent problems mentioned above. All that’s left for the time being is to be patient.

Even in the case of Instagram, the problems seem global: impossible to post stories, impossible to update feed and friends’ stories, impossible to publish posts. In short, the app is almost unusable.

We will keep you updated on this page if there is any news. In the meantime, you can follow us on TikTok, which seems to be working at the moment, or follow us on TuttoAndroid Telegram and the channel dedicated to the best tech shows.

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Update 11:30 pm: This is what the facebook homepage is back on at the moment.

Update 23:46: Facebook appears to be working on backup, while Instagram is still having problems uploading.

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