F1 broadcast in Viaplay: Here’s what you can expect about the Australian Grand Prix

Dit zijn de uitzendingen van Viaplay tijdens het raceweekend in Australië

Jane Griffink

The weekend race will start in Australia next Friday and all the action in the Netherlands since this season can be followed via Viaplay, Nordic Entertainment Group’s live streaming service. But what does the Swedish service provider’s F1 programming look like for this weekend?

If you want to catch all the scenery on the track live this weekend, you’ll have to get up early. After all, it’s 8 hours later in Australia than the Netherlands and that means a lot of people are still on one ear here, while there are already races on the other side of the world. The first free exercise is scheduled for Friday 8 April at 05:00 AM Dutch time. Five minutes in advance, you can launch Viaplay to watch this session live. Allard Calf and Sebastian Blickmollen sat down to provide commentary. The second free training is scheduled for the same Friday at 08:00 Dutch time. Again, you can run Viaplay five minutes in advance and the same commenters will talk to you during the session.

Fridays on Viaplay does not end after the first two free training sessions. 12:00 is still there Formula 1 studio: Shkidon, where presenter Amber Brantson will discuss day one at Albert Park with guests from home and abroad. This talk show lasts one hour. On Saturday, Viaplay will continue its Formula 1 programming with the third free practice. The last practice session begins at 05:00 Dutch time and the Viaplay broadcast will start five minutes before the start.

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Qualifiers will start on Saturday morning at 08:00 Dutch time, but you can turn on Viaplay half an hour early for a preview. During the fight for first place, commentary will be provided by Nelson Valkenburg and Milroy Heimskerk. Even after qualifying, the broadcast will continue for some time, because under Brantsen’s direction, there is an overview of the qualification events. The broadcast will end around 10:00 AM.

Programming F1 Viaplay about Grand Prix

The crucial Australian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for everyone on Sunday, April 10. The race will start at 7:00 am Dutch time at Albert Park in Melbourne. In Viaplay they start on Sunday at 06:00 with preview. During the race, the suspension will be provided again by Valkenburg and Heimskerk. After the competition, an extensive discussion takes place in the studio with regular studio guests. The broadcast on Sunday will end at 10:00 am.

Review in Viaplay on Monday

It’s not quite done with Viaplay, because the talk show will take place on Monday, April 11 Formula 1 studio: Tracktalk Still on schedule. At 15:00 Dutch time you can switch for an extended look at the race at the weekend in Australia. This talk show lasts about 45 minutes and is hosted again by Brantsen, who will discuss the events in Albert Park with several guests and experts.

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