Explore the beautiful mountains of Australia

Explore the beautiful mountains of Australia
Amsterdam – The Great Barrier Reef, many kangaroos and outback are some of the characteristics of Australia that almost everyone is familiar with. However, the land of kangaroos has a lot to offer, for example the beautiful landscapes, including the mountains. Read in this article which mountains in Australia are definitely worth visiting and which visa you need to apply for a trip to Australia.

Australia’s highest mountains

Australia is one of the ten largest countries in the world by area, so it should come as no surprise that there is a tremendous amount of natural beauty, including beautiful mountains, to be found in the country. These mountains are also the perfect place for hiking.

The highest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m), located in Kosciuszko National Park. Like all other alpine regions of the Australian continent, this mountain is part of Australia’s largest mountain range, the Great Dividing Mountain Range. To be more precise, Mount Kosciuszko belongs to the Snowy Mountains, the highest mountains on the Australian continent, which in turn belong to the Australian Alps (part of the Great Dividing Range). It’s like Matryoshka. Mount Townsend (2209 m) and Mount Twinam (2195 m), the country’s second and third highest mountains respectively, also belong to the Snowy Mountains.

blue mountains

Located in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains is one of the smallest mountain ranges in the Great Dividing Range and takes its name from the dense eucalyptus forests that give a blue glow to the sky. Located in this area is the Blue Mountains National Park of the same name, which is a protected national park with a wide variety of plant species. Highlights of the UNESCO-listed Blue Mountains include the Three Sisters rock formation and several waterfalls, including Bridal Vale Falls and Sylvia Falls. Be sure to visit the town of Wentworth Falls, one of the most beautiful towns in the Blue Mountains. The area has many natural lookout points and is the perfect place for walks and great views. For great views of the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley, visit the popular Echo Point.

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The Blue Mountains are only 1.5 hours’ drive from Sydney, so a visit to this stunningly beautiful park can easily be combined with a stay in the capital of New South Wales, Australia’s largest and oldest city. Tourist visa for Australia (eVisitor) It has a total validity of 12 months. During these 12 months, you can take multiple trips to Australia, but each stay in the country can last for a maximum of 3 months. This means that with this visa you have more than enough time to visit the cities and discover the many natural attractions of Australia.

Apply for an Australia visa

In addition to a valid passport, anyone traveling to Australia for a vacation (or, for example, a business trip) needs a visa. Travelers with Dutch citizenship can apply for an Australia visa online. The application procedure is done entirely online, so you can easily submit your visa application from home. Before beginning the application process, it is a good idea to check that you meet all visa requirements (eg, you must not jeopardize the safety or health of Australian citizens). Once you get the visa, You can travel to Australia as many times as you want within the 12-month validity period† As each stay can last for up to 3 consecutive months, this visa allows you to discover many of Australia’s highlights, even if you only take one trip

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