Evo Niehe’s documentary has sparked reactions from Britney Spears

Evo Niehe's documentary has sparked reactions from Britney Spears

documentary Frame Britney Spears He caused a sensation in the United States. In the documentary, there is significant criticism of the way the singer was treated in the media at a young age. As a result, fans and celebrities talk about Spears. Because of the movie that was recently released, Ivo Niehe received a lot of criticism on social media.

A protest movement revived: #Freebritney, this looks on social media. The reason for the tag is that Spears has been in custody for her father Jimmy since 2008. The judge decided that the pop star could no longer take care of herself after a public mental breakdown. She shaved her head during this period and was constantly haunted by the popular press. She was eventually admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

She’s since been doing better and resuming her career, but her dad is still her manager. He is assigned to look after her, because according to the judge, she is unable to do it on her own. James Spears was granted control of almost everything Britney. This arrangement is now receiving a lot of criticism: How could a nearly 40-year-old woman remain under her father’s guardianship? Spears has challenged this several times in recent years to no avail.

Frame Britney Spears, A New York Times production, argues that Spears is a victim of the world of the man who exploits her. Over the years, she became increasingly trapped by the image that was portrayed of her in the media.

Ivo Niehe is under fire

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The documentary contains a segment with Ivo Niehe as an illustration. At the time, aged 17, Spears was a guest on TROS TV Show Nihi addressed her on her breasts. According to some tabloids, it was magnified by plastic surgery.

Watch the clip, which was shared on Twitter by an American journalist here:

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