Every wet player’s dream?

Every wet player's dream?

From Andrew Link
Every wet player’s dream? A Tik-Tok user reviews the 4000R curved gaming “screen” and finds many fans. The installation is expected to cost more than $700,000.

cash. Things that can make many a dream come true. About the world’s most ridiculous curved gaming monitor. Talking about the screen is probably a pretty good thing. It’s a video wall and it’s configured that way. The panels (700) are small mounted on a curved load-bearing structure, which in turn takes up what appears to be not a small space. Unfortunately, the straightforward technical details are pretty poor, but the video wall has been known to be controlled as two displays and powered by a Geforce RTX 3060. This seems strange at first, but there is a control technology between the display panels and the graphics card that makes the whole party possible in the first place. . The value of the installation is said to be over $700,000.

If you dig something up, you can at least get acquainted with the technology. It appears to be coming from Vanguard LED Displays, a Florida-based company that is actually primarily active in rentals and video walls for events, but also offers fixed fixtures. Terbium, as it’s called, is also available as a “full dome” and can fill the observatory’s dome.

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The datasheet shows that the system achieves up to 1,000 lumens per square meter, has a diameter of 4 meters and covers an area of ​​22 square meters if you choose the maximum configuration. When installed on the ground, an element is missing to be able to walk on the dome. The bottom line is that one dream or another can be fulfilled with money – like a 4000R curved gaming monitor.

Source: Tiktok, via Reddit; LED vanguard

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