Evenepoel can’t handle it in Switzerland: ‘Maybe too early after altitude training’

Evenepoel can't handle it in Switzerland: 'Maybe too early after altitude training'

With a 22nd place finish in the day’s result, about a minute behind the other candidates, things didn’t go well for Remco Evenepoel on the tough second stage of the Tour of Switzerland. Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl leader guesses a cause. “I am not satisfied.”

Evenepoel made time to talk to him after the stage HLNAnd she did it as eloquently as ever. “I’ve been able to keep up with the pace, but I feel like I don’t have the gears in my legs – that was the case in Norway. I’m not good enough this week to compete with the best, that’s for sure. Maybe after my altitude training I was good very early on.

“After my release, I was able to maintain a steady pace and outperformed some guys,” Evenpole continued. But I am not satisfied with my look and my legs. If I’m good, I should be able to ride this on any track’, it’s tough but fair with itself.

“I don’t know exactly what the problem is,” Evenepoel was silent about the reasons. “Hopefully it’s not disease or Covid, because I still want to try to win the time trial on Sunday. How am I going to deal with it on Saturday? I won’t let it run in advance, because maybe I’ll have a better day. But the truth is I don’t ride uphill like in Norway.”

Evenepoel is now focusing on time trial

Nevertheless, the Belgian keeps his spirits high. It was already feeling much better than on Thursday, which is positive. I’ve also thought about cooling, like putting ice on the neck or spraying myself. Maybe I should have done it a little sooner. Anyway, I’ll try to make the most of it on Sunday’, sticks to the time trial. Evenepoel is currently 15th, 2.44 minutes behind leader Fuglsang.

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