Even a last-second penalty couldn’t help Den Bosch escape against doctoral student KZ: 1-1 | Regional Sports

Even a last-second penalty couldn't help Den Bosch escape against doctoral student KZ: 1-1 |  Regional Sports

Dean Bosch hockey players left surprising points ahead of doctoral student Klein Zwitersland on Sunday. Marieke Dijkstra had plenty of chances to win, but they had to settle for a point in the last quarter due to a penalty: 1-1.

There are matches that you can analyze for hours and matches that can sometimes be summed up in two sentences. Den Bosch – Little Switzerland was such a much second class. Nour El Amrani described the disappointing equalizer in front of the stadium spokesperson, “We had many chances and we should have won them.” And with that, the story is pretty much told.

Den Bosch didn’t make many mistakes against a retracted KZ, except that he often forgot to reward himself. After Frederic Matla scored 1-0 early on, we had to wait for more goals, but despite the dominance, they never came. And when Lotte van Dongen’s penalty kick went straight into Boss’ goal, all hands were on deck in the final quarter.

Usually things still go well for Den Bosch in those kinds of matches, and he also seems to be heading in that direction on Sunday. But Bossche’s latest attack was a bit sloppy. Even a penalty kick in the last seconds – something Matla usually knows how to deal with – did not result in an escape.

And so Den Bosch had to swallow his first point loss at home this season. problem? Not at all, given the match and the six-point gap between the league leaders and chasers SCHC, Amsterdam and HGC (all 20 points). Den Bosch could avenge the last team on Sunday for his mistake against KZ.

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Record results: 17. Matla 1-0, 57. Van Dongen 1-1.

Den Bosch’s men lead 2-0 on KZ: 2-4

After losing points to SCHC last week (4-4), the men of Den Bosch face the difficult task of getting in touch with the teams vying for play-off tickets before the winter break. On Sunday, Eric Verbaum’s team stumbled on the first hurdle. Little Switzerland was very strong in Den Bosch with a score of 2-4.

This defeat was unnecessary, as Dean Bosch was still 2-0 up in the first half (two Austin Smith penalty kicks) and played a good game. KZ, who strengthened himself significantly in the summer and surprisingly plays at the top of Tulip Hovedeklaise, took advantage of the few chances he had in the second half and hit the penalty kicks he missed before the break. In doing so, the residents of The Hague completely turned the game: 2-4.

In Den Bosch coach Eric Verbaum, who found his team in the middle, the feeling prevailed that there could have been more. Even when it quickly went 2-2 in the second half, I thought we’d take on the job again. We had a lot of chances. sin”.

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