EU and US condemn ‘unprecedented hijacking of a plane by Belarus’

EU and US condemn 'unprecedented hijacking of a plane by Belarus'

The United States also expressed its anger. Foreign Minister Blinkin Belarus called in a statement for the immediate release of Protasevic. Blinken talks about “an awful job.” Wants The International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nations organization that deals with civil aviation, will meet as soon as possible.

The Ryanair plane, in which the former Telegram Next editor was sitting, was on its way from Athens to Vilnius, two of the capitals of the European Union. This afternoon, the Belarusian authorities transferred her to Minsk under false pretenses. There Protasevic was arrested. He was wanted by the Belarusian authorities for some time.

After five hours, the plane was allowed to fly with the other passengers to Vilnius, where it arrived the night. The suspension of the EU flight appears to have been an unprecedented measure.

State terrorism

“The hijacking of a passenger plane is an unprecedented act of state terrorism,” Writes Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki on Twitter. He wants to discuss the incident at the EU summit. It also proposes additional sanctions against Belarus, including a ban on Belarusian Airlines flights.

Members of the opposition in Belarus report unprecedented damage to international airspace. British Foreign Secretary Raab has said that the “strange act” of Belarusian President Lukashenko has dire consequences.

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