Bitcoin collapses again and accumulates loss near 50% | international

Bitcoin collapses again and accumulates loss near 50% |  international

Bitcoin, the most used cryptocurrency, fell 12% to around $ 33,200 (€ 27,250), losing 49% from its all-time high in April ($ 64,869, € 53,254).

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However, at some points in the session, the cryptocurrency fell as low as $ 31,100 (€ 25,530), which is a 52% drop from its record, according to data from Bloomberg.

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Bitcoin rollercoaster survived the week, dropping 11% last Wednesday; 12% left on Friday; It is up 8% this Saturday. The most used cryptocurrency approached $ 30,000 (€ 24,630) on Wednesday, the lowest level since the end of January.

The reasons for the decline, which were exacerbated on Friday, were critical remarks by Tesla founder Elon Musk and the reluctance to cryptocurrencies demonstrated by the People’s Bank of China (the Central Bank of China) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Bitcoin was actually down on May 13 after Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla would stop accepting payments in this cryptocurrency due to its environmental impact.

The same trend is following Ether, the second most used cryptocurrency, which is down nearly 16% today and is losing the $ 2,000 (€ 1,642) level.


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