Erdogan says Turkey plans to buy another Russian defense system

Erdogan says Turkey plans to buy another Russian defense system

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country is pressing ahead with its plans to buy another Russian air defense system, despite warnings from the United States and other NATO allies that the move could have destabilizing consequences.

In an interview with Margaret Brennan, CBS News’ foreign affairs correspondent, Erdogan claimed that Turkey had never received the F-35s it had purchased from the United States, and had to search for a Russian system after failed orders from American Patriot missiles. the system.

The United States has disputed allegations of failed applications related to the Patriot air defense system.

“Turkey has had multiple opportunities over the past decade to purchase the United States’ Patriot defense system, opting instead to purchase the S-400, which gives Russia revenue, access, and influence,” a US spokesperson said. John KirbyJohn Kirby Erdogan says Turkey plans to buy another Russian defense system overnight He said earlier this year according to Air Force Magazine.

“I explained everything to President Biden,” Erdogan said in part of the interview, which will be broadcast in full on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

In 2019 the Trump administration moved to suspend delivery of F-35 fighter equipment to Turkey over its purchase The Russian S-400 long-range air defense system. The US government has repeatedly warned that the Russian system could harm the NATO alliance by revealing detailed information about the F-35.

Brennan asked Erdogan if he intended to buy another round of S-400s.

The Turkish president replied: “In the future, no one will be able to interfere with what kind of defense systems we acquire, from what country, at what level.”

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“No one can interfere in that,” he added. “We are the only ones who make such decisions.”

“That sounds like yes,” Brennan replied.

Erdogan replied: “Of course, yes, of course.”

Hill reached out to the White House and the Department of Defense for comment.

When Turkey announced its purchase of the S-400 in 2019, a Pentagon spokesperson said at the time: “The United States has made clear that Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 system is unacceptable,” Charles Summers said in a statement.

“We deeply regret the current situation facing our F-35 partnership with Turkey, and the Department of Defense is taking prudent steps to protect joint investments in our critical technology,” he added.

Erdogan added in the interview that he intends to meet the Russian President Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich Putin EU condemns Russian cyber activity targeting member states, Navalny disrupts Apple, Google disrupts voting app Federal authorities warn companies to beware of popular ransomware More later this month to discuss a range of issues, including the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The president said Turkey, whose forces remained in the northern part of Syria to fight against the Kurdish forces allied with the United States, would like the United States to withdraw the approximately 900 soldiers still in the country.

Brennan further asked Erdogan to comment on Biden’s comments before the New York Times editorial board. In January 2020, the Turkish president was a “tyrant” due to his ongoing efforts to expand his power.

President’s definition of an autocrat is still unknown to me. Erdogan told a CBS reporter:

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