Energy transition: Australia has ambitious green hydrogen plans

Energy transition: Australia has ambitious green hydrogen plans

The Australian state of Queensland says it will produce renewable hydrogen within two years. A green hydrogen power plant powered by solar energy and batteries should ensure this.

Why is this important?

Green hydrogen (“renewable hydrogen” or “clean hydrogen”) is produced by electrolysis of water. In electrolysis, hydrogen is extracted from water using electric current. This process produces no emissions except for hydrogen gas and oxygen. The electricity used can come from renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. Currently, hydrogen plays only a minor role in the total energy supply worldwide, but this must change in the context of the fight against climate change.

Anastasia Palchuk’s government announced the plans on Tuesday. That message economy renewal, an Australian website for renewable energy projects.

The project will be developed by state-owned CS Energy. According to the government, the plant will be “unique” as a hydrogen production facility; Using renewable energy “behind the counter,” after all, rather than electricity from the grid.

55,000 kg of green hydrogen per year

Energy and Hydrogen Minister Mick De Breney noted that the plant will be built adjacent to CS Energy’s Cogan Creek coal-fired power plant, once considered a landmark in Queensland energy. The new power plant will consist of a solar park, battery, electrolyzer and hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Concretely it will be Renewable Hydrogen Cogan Project It consists of a 600-700 kW 600-700 kW electrolyzer, a 2 megawatt (MW) solar collector, a 2 megawatt/2 megawatt hour battery energy storage system, and a 30 kW hydrogen fuel cell. The government statement states that the facility aims to produce 55,000 kilograms of green hydrogen annually.
  • Construction of the electrolyzer and facilities connected to solar and battery power is expected to begin in 2022, with commissioning scheduled for early 2023.
  • “He. She (New oneThe Cogan Creek project is an opportunity for government-owned CS Energy to gain a foothold in the hydrogen sector and expand Queensland’s ownership of renewable energy resources,” said De Breney.
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One of Australia’s richest people

The announcement of the green hydrogen project follows another big news from the Palaszczuk government. On Monday, it announced a $114 million deal with Fortescue Future Industries to develop a plant that will produce the hydrogen electrolyzer. Fortescue Future Industries is the green energy company of one of Australia’s richest people, billionaire Andrew Forrest.

Meanwhile, mining giant Rio Tinto has also joined the green party by announcing potential purchases of large-scale wind and solar projects for its Queensland assets. After all, Rio Tinto also wants to speed up its role in the transition to a low-carbon economy.


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