Endangered birds kick ABBA out of the top five in Australia

Bedreigde vogels duwen ABBA uit Australische top vijf

The album containing the chirping of endangered bird species scores very high on the Australian charts. The album is not only an ode to the birds, but also a reminder of what the country has to lose.

No, this time it’s not the new Christmas hits popping up in the Australian charts. Another colorful production disappearance songsMatches with feathers. The album, which consists entirely of the song of endangered birds, reached the top five in Australia last week out of nowhere. Endangered Birds do better than the beautiful voices of ABBA and Mariah Carey.

The squeaks and whistles were recorded by David Stewart, a researcher who has been recording rare sounds of Australian species for more than 30 years.

parrot last night

The album contains “a chorus of famous parrots, a bowerbird hum, a strange symphony of seabirds, and the terrifying call of one of the remaining nocturnal parrots,” the album writes. The website for the album released on December 3. The result is an ode to the diversity of Australian birds.

Forest fires

The album is for sale with the book: Australian Birds Action Plan 2020 From Charles Darwin University and BirdLife Australia. According to their studies, 77 species of birds will be affected by the frequency of wildfires. Drought and heat waves have disrupted the habitats of more than 90 bird species.

Encouraged by Sean Dooley, active on BirdLife Australia Via Twitter Everyone should keep listening, ‘So that the next album doesn’t go on sounds of silence Become’.

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Proceeds from the album will go to the Australian Bird Conservancy.

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