Elon Musk speculates that SpaceX may send a ship to Mars as soon as possible in 2024

Elon Musk speculates that SpaceX may send a ship to Mars as soon as possible in 2024

If you want to go to Mars, timing is everything, and Elon Musk no longer thinks SpaceX will reach the Red Planet when the next window of opportunity opens in 2022.

The main admirer in the world was to leave this world He previously hoped to send a robotic mission to Mars in 2022, Followed by a manned flight two years later. During an interview at the virtual conference of the Mars Society on Friday, Musk said he now believes his next generation spacecraft could be ready by 2023, in time for its launch in 2024.

The orbits of Earth and Mars around the Sun bring the planets closer together approximately every two years. That’s why we saw it Three robotic missions to our neighboring world, Including NASA’s Persevering rover, which will be launched from each other in a matter of weeks in July.

“I think we have a combat opportunity,” Musk said of setting up the transport window on Mars 2024.

To get there, Musk says his team will need to accelerate the pace of innovation and not be afraid to break some things along the way.

“We will likely lose a few ships,” he said when asked about the Starship development process, which is designed to transport dozens of people at one time to Mars.

So far, early spacecraft prototypes have made short, low-altitude “jumps” from SpaceX’s testing facility in Texas. Musk hopes early prototypes will reach orbit for the first time next year. He added that the company could prove its ability to refuel in orbit in 2022 and begin flights to the moon shortly thereafter.

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The company’s founder and chief engineer warned that he does not have secret dates for achieving these milestones.

“These are just speculations,” Musk told Mars Society president Robert Zubrin via Zoom.

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The SpaceX Starship prototype takes the first leap


As for who would go to Mars, Musk said that once there are a million people who want to go to the Red Planet and can afford it, that should be enough to preserve the city. In other words, it appears that early Martians were more likely to be wealthy Earthlings.

Once on Mars, Musk said, the first business would be setting up a fuel plant. He also mentioned the idea of ​​sending robotic robots to the surface that people could control remotely from the ground.

Naturally, Musk also has designs on more than one Mars. Mention the idea of ​​using the Starship or any other vehicle to visit The atmosphere of Venus is suddenly excitingLarge asteroids, the moons of Jupiter, even the Kuiper Belt and the most distant tributaries of the Solar System.

He said, “We need to make the leap to go to another planet first.”

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