Electricity production has begun at the controversial mega dam in Ethiopia

Electricity production has begun at the controversial mega dam in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, electricity production began at the Great Dam on the Nile River. Prime Minister Abiy inaugurated the multi-billion dollar hydroelectric power station.

In Ethiopia, electricity production has begun at the huge, controversial dam on the Nile. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officially inaugurated the 145-meter-high Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in the presence of high-ranking government officials on Sunday, and led to a historic production of electricity with a series of push-buttons, an AFP correspondent reported. mentioned.

“This wonderful dam was built by Ethiopians, but not just for Ethiopians,” a government official said during the opening ceremony. “All African brothers and sisters will benefit from the hydroelectric power station.”

Hydroelectric power station causes dispute

The multi-billion dollar hydroelectric power station project has caused disputes among the Nile Basin countries for years. While Ethiopia argues that the 1.8-kilometre-long and 145-meter-high dam is necessary to produce electricity, downstream countries Sudan and Egypt fear for water supplies.

The UN Security Council dealt with the conflict last summer. However, Ethiopia rejected the commission’s mediation proposal.

According to Ethiopia’s plans, the mega dam should achieve an annual production of 5,000 megawatts. This will more than double Ethiopia’s electricity production.

The basics in brief

  • A hydroelectric power plant on the Nile River in Ethiopia has been controversial for years.
  • Now the power plant has been officially opened.
  • Electricity production started with the dam.

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