Electric Škoda Enyaq iV: software increases charging capacity and range


The new software package increases the maximum range of Škoda’s electric Enyaq iV family, shortens charging times, increases comfort and improves operation. In the Enyaq Coupé iV, Skoda has been using the new software version ME3 since the start of production in February 2022, which is also used by all new Enyaq iV SUVs. The Enyaq iV already delivered to customers will be updated to the new software version free of charge in the second half of 2022 during the dealer’s visit.

With the ME3 car software, the new Battery Care mode can be activated via a new button in the center display. This means that the battery pack is charged to a maximum of 80 percent during the next charge. In addition, the software reduces the DC charging speed and the maximum charging power to avoid peak power. This protects the battery and extends its service life. At the same time, the “Charging” menu in the infotainment system has been modified: the charge and range fee now also includes the display of the destination and necessary charging stops.

All-wheel drive versions of the Enyaq iV now have an additional new driving profile: the “Traction” mode is designed for driving on unpaved roads or slippery surfaces and provides stable all-wheel drive at speeds up to 20 km / h. Among other things, it ensures that the traction control system interferes less when moving. Charging control is also made easier: an alternative charging station on the current route can now be integrated into the navigation system. The remaining battery capacity and the planned charging time for all planned charging stops are indicated.

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The Enyaq iV has also been available in a coupe version since 2022

The new program also includes improvements to the Digital Cockpit’s head-up display and head-up display. It says: “Displaying the distance from objects in the vicinity of the vehicle is much easier, and the battery charge level is now displayed as a percentage as well as the corresponding filled-in battery icon. The top display now also shows the current battery charge level and provides, among other things, a three-way representation. Dimensions for distance to destination. Driving data can be displayed as a separate profile on the right side of the digital cockpit.”

With the new software, the drive battery temperature on Enyaq iV models starts out at lower temperatures than before and is now constantly adjusted, Škoda explains. This moves the battery pack into an ideal temperature window faster and keeps it in that range for longer. This ensures a longer service life, improved power output and more efficient recovery and therefore a higher real range. With the Enyaq Coupé iV 60, it rises to 416 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. The Enyaq Coupé iV 80 can travel up to 544 kilometers. The Enyaq Coupé iV 80x with two electric motors can cover 520 kilometers.

When fast charging in general DC functions, Enyaq iV vehicles with a 62 kWh battery with the new program achieve a charging capacity of up to 120 kWh, and models with a large battery 82 kWh have up to 135 kWh. At a 50-kilowatt charging station, charging from 10 to 80 percent takes 55 or 70 minutes, according to Skoda. In the fast charging station, the Enyaq iV 60 with a charging capacity of 120 kW and the Enyaq iV 80x with the large battery and the charging capacity of 135 kW needed 35 minutes for this charging process.

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The new software also provides increased brightness and contrast in the rear view camera display. The Travel Assist control button located on the right column of the multifunction steering wheel responds to frequent press and is used to switch between two levels of assistance systems, for example for driving on and off the highway.

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