Eindhoven Maker Faire: Celebrate the Curious

Eindhoven Maker Faire: Celebrate the Curious

Apocalypse vehicles, augmented reality installations and sound art; It’s just a selection from the Eindhoven Maker Faire assortment. From artists to inventors and from hackers to architects, all manufacturers will gather this weekend at the Beursgebouw Festival of Technology and Culture. “The best thing is for people to come as visitors and come home as a maker,” says Renee Barry, Creative Director of Maker Faire.

The Eindhoven Maker Faire stands for highlighting and promoting a growing ecosystem of culture, technology, education and entrepreneurship. During the two-day festival, a platform is presented to inventors, architects, hackers, game designers, fashion designers, hobbyists and students. The gallery acts as a bottom-up platform to initiate, facilitate and bring together makers from all kinds of disciplines. “It is not a trade fair, but people who want to share knowledge, are curious and want to collaborate. This is what makes Maker Faire so special.”

passion for making

Scrolling through the gallery’s lineup can seem like a mess. “One thread is clear: We bring together people who have a passion for making something,” Barry says. The eighth edition of the festival is expected to be special. “I am very curious about what the decision makers have come up with in the isolated period from which we are now slowly emerging.”

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The Maker Faire is originally from the United States, where the first edition was organized in 2006. Since then, it has grown into a global concept: this year, more than a hundred Maker Faires have been organized in 44 countries. “In America there is a tradition of fairs where farmers show each other their harvest and exchange goods and knowledge. This is, as it were, an annual fair of makers,” explains Barry. The international character of the event also attracts audiences from Germany and Belgium.

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Connecting two worlds

EMF aims to connect two disparate sectors. “Art is very unruly and unpredictable, while technology and science are subtle. If you tie these two disciplines together, new applications will emerge that would not exist if artists and technicians stayed on their own island,” says Barry.

An example is the Gijs Schalkx trench drive. With his project “Emissions” he shows that you can get fuel not only from the gas station, but also from ditches and puddles. Or the work of Anthony Letges, artist and architect, whose work The Butterfly Effect shows how a small substance can completely paralyze the world.

There are also five art installations to experience in Beursgebouw. Among them is the work of artist Olaf Mog. He sees the car as an organism that, like us, goes through a life cycle. With this in mind, create a series of works that make you look at the car with different eyes. For Maker Faire, he made Post Apocalypso: an iron-wheel drive cart, vintage speakers, and other visual additions.

Six wheel rover

A full range of startups and entrepreneurs will be presented at Maker Faire. One of them is Edward Haag, the developer of industrial robots. At the festival, he displays his prototype of a six-wheeled rover. The design is inspired by the ExoMars rover that went on a mission to Mars in 2022. During the festival, he will launch his own crowdfunding campaign so he can develop the prototype into an open source design.

The Hybrid Future Challenge will also take place during the Eindhoven Maker Faire. Ten innovative and creative makers who grew up as the startups of tomorrow’s world show why their idea is so special. The jury awards prizes to the most promising and innovative manufacturers and products.

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Visitors to the event can experience a circus full of new and amazing technologies for solutions and installations. Barry: “You fall from one surprise to the next when you see how creative people are with technology and materials.”

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