Efficiency mode is designed to make the system faster

Efficiency mode is designed to make the system faster

The next major Windows update should speed up your system. Putting efficiency then will slow down resource-hungry programmes. This also works manually.

Microsoft is expected to release the only major 2022 feature update for Windows 11 in October. There will be some exciting innovations in the 2022H2 big update. Users who have signed up for the Microsoft Insider Program – that is, they want to be lead testers – can already install and try out the functionality.

One of the most exciting innovations is the revision of the task manager and the new economic version associated with the software. Informed people will immediately see the difference from the old task manager: the new interface has been slightly redesigned and visually updated. In general, the task manager is now much more straightforward.

A small but obvious change is that the software finally supports the dark system design and selected accent colors.

New efficiency mode to prevent slow systems

But in addition to the visual innovations, a new icon in the “Status” column may catch your eye: two green cards. They represent the new competence mode. It was actually tested under Windows 10 last year, but was rejected there. So far it’s finally available for Windows 11.

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