Education should be an essential part of the PhD pathway

View | By Flores Valentine and Nils Puffenchen

May 5, 2021 | By properly combining teaching and research practice, PhD students not only become better teachers, but also better researchers, Flores Valentine and Niels Bovenchen argue. They argue for a hybrid PhD pathway.

Floris Valentijn and Niels Bovenschen argue, “The promoters should give PhD students more space to provide education and give the educational performance of PhD students the necessary attention.” Photo: Henk Henwin.

The provision of education should be an essential part of the PhD pathway. However, PhD students are mainly evaluated on their research performance. That is why there is a need for a blended PhD pathway, which is based on creating synergies between research and education. In this way, a hybrid PhD program can also contribute to diversity in an academic career. Promoters can make their contribution to this by evaluating teaching to a greater degree and by giving PhD students more scope for this.

aEducational competencies and performance Within academia Become affiliated with publishing and securing research grants. In a joint put paper monitor Important Dutch researchsInstitutes and Financiers This One-sided focus on Researchsperformance. And in doing so, they regret it Lead To reduce other academic areas. It has multiple academic centers So Reed Steps taken towards Best Support and appreciation for providing education. sromovendi To take, to possess However Still quite a bit Space and recognition Give education In addition to their researchneed.

TheGiving fosters scientific development

Comment heard a lot From the promoters Is that Take care of Education is on account Researchstime OnProduce he goes. This would can lead to delay From Upgrade functionalPath and Because of that Academic career opportunities PhD students Shrink. This thought he is However It completely clashes with the traditional academic model of a The interaction between Action To investigate Take care of education.

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Multiple scientific results Goal he is called from there is Positive and SolidarityTables Links between Action To investigate Take care of education (Elken and Wollscheid 2016). Than one National The sample is below PhD students On a Faculty of medicine at United State Bsound Which Train in Guide based on education Lead rightR To expand Their confidence in preparing well for an academic career And an increase in them ResearchsProduce (Shortedge & Eddie 2018). This indicates that PhD students are investing in it at Educational development over therefrom Not just as a teacher Benefit, But also as a researcher.

The hybrid PhD pathway stimulates diverse academic development

The starting point for a blended PhD program is Exactly that Let’s create or innovate Out of synergy between Action To investigate Take care of education. The hybrid PhD track differs from the regular PhD track in that PhD students are not only evaluated on research performance, but also on educational performance. Door Take care of educations Correctly with Research practice converted to PhD students don’t just do bettere Teachers, but also the best researchers. Promotion of hybrid doctoral programs from quality of educationAnd the from Recognition of educational achievement On Diversity in jobs by creating space for academic files in both research and education.

Promoters can contribute to a Re-evaluation Take care of Education by doctoral students So More space. a After all, a PhD track is more than just a dissertation made up of scholarly articles. It is an academic training programAnd the On Take care of EducationAnd the Together with performance SearchAnd the Dre The primary task of academics. Take care of onderwijsAnd the searching for Educational innovation and Assessment and Basic Teaching Qualification Course (BKO) So it’s all Should for along wayAccreditation in evaluating the doctoral track. Thesis is also possible Reflections on educational development (eg, UTQa file) On seasons They are Dedicated to educational articles (such as educational assessments) Includes.

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Providing education alongside Especially Research

A new way to Implement it from To investigate Take care of To combine education It consists in the evaluation Educational practice. The purpose is to gain more insight into students’ learning in their own courses. DrHis knowledge can be published in the form (scientific) Publications And experience with this type of education Could you for along wayNumber to Linked to the PhD track BKO-a path.

Also Will be sromotors doctoral students have more Could you Participate in innovation and from Evaluation You gave them education. Financial support for educational evaluation for doctoral students KI had to Certainly Across Scholarships for promoters, for example Across Support from the university or All the way from He. She NRO Comenius ProgramAnd the From Across Individual scholarships for doctoral studentsAnd the For example All the way from RMany programs for academic institutions.

a Aharon New development is in line with from Re-evaluation Take care of education DrFor doctoral students The so-called PhD Teaching tracks. In this Research along with developing and Care From education, Along with traffic a BKO-Lerjang. Some universities support PhDs Teaching tracks Already through a necklaceGAction PhD students. I get this Doctoral students have more space to provide education during their doctoral studiesa path.

Education in synergy with eigenAnd search

new Educational development he met a Synergistic interaction between Implement it from Private research and Take care of education Find in Research Givebased on Courses. Engaged promovendiAnd the In the jointAcknowledge with other professionals, (Interdisciplinary) Student teams Bee Ha Especially Research.

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So Arises from Solidarity Between research and educationAnd the Because teaching doctoral students the students Learn creative thinking and problem solving In a real scientific way need. This not only contributes to Both Students’ learning Such as Educational development Teaching doctoral students, But delivers the teachers Maybe Also New one, A native Thoughts and Relevance Research data On (Drost et al.2019).


thanks for the Educational developments he is Take care of education Hassan to Combine with Action Research at hybrid Upgrade functionala path. aEducational innovation and Evaluation, PhD Teaching tracks On On Research based on Courses Give PhD students space to do so Providing education Efficiently to Integration into their promotiona path. This encourages broad academic development and Get Powerful tutorial file who is this PhD students.

As well as that Wear, wear He. She Elephant improvement Quality He. She Education and a Structural reevaluation of Take care of Education in the academy. sRomotower Will be PhD students have more space Should Give to Take care of education And the Educational performance PhD students Deserved attention Should To give.

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